Teaching in Hsinchu [4]

Wow. FOUR WEEKS! Where have four weeks gone? I've been putting off this blog post for a few days now because, honestly, it wasn't going to be in the least bit positive. I started to write it on my way to work earlier but then I stepped in a massive pile of dog s--- and... Continue Reading →

Back to the daily grind.

Whilst most of my colleagues went back to work on the 2nd, I wasn't quite sure if I'd be going back at all. Since my work permit application is taking a while, I'll be in the UK for another few weeks. Thankfully BEET needed another teacher and I get to go back to my job for a... Continue Reading →

2017 reflections

Initial plans Before 2017 started I was determined that this year my main goals were: 1. to beat depression (my new year's resolution that failed in 2015) 2. to hold down a proper job and pay my bills, and 3. to re-ignite my love for reading What I have accomplished this year is more than... Continue Reading →

What the hell are you doing woman?!

... is what I've mind-shouted at myself numerous times today. I absolutely, completely, utterly, totally messed up my Upper-Intermediate lesson today after going over the notes SO MANY TIMES last night. I had it all planned out nicely, had a little conversation / starter ready, had a movie trailer to link in to the 'film review' section... Continue Reading →

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