Below is a list of where my work has been published, and links if possible (many of the links are no longer available as websites have been deleted or links have been removed) I am working on an updated version of this page… please bear 🐻 with me.

Phuket Magazine [online]
Phuket Gazette [print]

Useful Times [online]

My Destination [online]

Discovering Prague

FRESHER [print]<<<<
nexpected Guest [online]

Book a boutique hotel in London [1]

Exploring Singapore [1]

Melbourne Comedy Festival [1]

Book a Sicilian Boutique hotel [2]

New York Long Weekend [2]

Luxurious Hong Kong Hotels [2]

Singapore Yacht Show [2]

Taste of Cape Town [2]

Brighton Festival [3]

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival [3]

Paris Serviced Apartments [3]

Luxury Sydney Hotels [3]

Penang World Music Festival [3]

Singapore Business Hotels [4]

Neapolitan Cuisine [4]

Paris Hotels French Open [4]

Chelsea Flower Show [4]

Dubai Business Hotel [4]

Prague Easter Markets [5]

Koh Pha Ngan Full Moon Party [5]

Beach Hotel in the Maldives [5]

Serviced Apartments in Ho Chi Minh [5]

Covent Garden Hotel [5]

 London’s Museums [6]

Barcelona’s Bridal Week [6]

Vivid Sydney [6]

Penang Dragon Boat Festival [6]

Singapore Serviced Apartments [6]

Prague Fringe Festival [7]

LA Pride & Hollywood [7]

Barcelona & Catalan Cuisine [7]

Luxurious Dubai [7]

A Foodie’s guide to Hong Kong [7]

Kensington & London Wine Fair [8]

Barcelona Sonar Festival [8]

Queenstown Winter Festival [8]

Montreux Jazz Festival [8]

Book a Break in the Big Apple [8]

Taste of Durban [9]

London Serviced Apartments [9]

Luxurious Delhi Hotels [9]

Bangkok’s Night Life [9]

Spa Break in Samui [9]

Wimbledon Hotels [10]

Wireless Festival [10]

Gion Matsuri Kyoto Hotels [10]

Summer Break in Mallorca [10]

Luang Prabang [10]

Bastille Day in Paris [11]

You Stay Classy San Diego [11]

Hong Kong Arts Festival [11]

Bugis & Arab Street Hotels [11]

Brighton in the Summertime [11]

Istanbul Jazz Fest [12]

Dubrovnik Summer Fest [12]

Edinburgh Fringe Fest [12] Blogs

The Secrets of Rural Germany [2]

4 thoughts on “Publications

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    1. Hey, I haven’t done it in a few years if I’m honest and every job I had was either through my school, my University of friends of friends… I used to look via for ‘freelance journalist’ or ‘freelance writer’ but unfortunately that’s all the advice I have for now. It’s probably changed a lot since I last looked as well

      1. Fair enough! I will let you know if I pick up any tips along the way. I think Step 1 is just writing and choosing a few places to submit your work to! Simple as that (but somehow I still overcomplicate it).

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