Thank Goodness It’s Friday

This evening my housemates and I got the bus into town to check out this cute market street food fair. I had tacos and they were amazing! So was the pizza! The musicians were excellent and definitely livened the night up!

Thriving Thursday.

What a rebel I am, not setting my alarm last night. Luckily, I woke up early enough and managed to get myself ready in enough time and make myself some lunch and snacks. #GoClaire I had my listening Chinese lecture in some maze of a building (Bartholome House) and it really was quite ridiculous. I must admit I... Continue Reading →

Troublesome Tuesdays.

Good evening lovely readers! Yet another manic day which thankfully started with peanut butter on toast and a spoonful of fairygoblin. I went along to the intermediate Chinese class today and boy was it a shock, but in a good way. I have forgotten so many characters and the 9am start certainly didn't help. At... Continue Reading →

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