Hello Kitty hits the high street!

Okay ladies, this gorgeous little kitty is now hitting Primark stores across the UK and you can get your hands on her for just £6! You get to choose from a grey tshirt (pictured below), a navy pajama set or a trendy denim jacket. Prices range from £6 - 25 and are available at: Southampton,... Continue Reading →

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Ladies and lovelies, happy Tuesday! Apologies on the delay of this blog post, I've been a little busy the past few days. So, to run alongside my men's fashion post and the manners post, here's one for us ladies. Just a little background info. Until I was 15 I practically LIVED in sports wear - trackies,... Continue Reading →

This is a man’s world.

Is it? Well for this post, it can be. I've noticed two things already in 2018: It seems to suddenly be okay for people to spit in public. Yes. Spit. Could somebody please tell me why? I was walking into town the other day when somewhere not too far behind me someone seemed to make the most revolting... Continue Reading →

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