About Me.

Hey you! Yes, you, reading this now! I’m surprised you’re on this page, but thanks for stopping by 🙂

I’ve just moved to Taiwan to continue teaching English, but this time with a different angle. I thought I’d give teaching kids a go – it’s a tough one! I’m teaching ages 6-18 for 18 hours a week. The rest of the time I’m exploring Taiwan.

I passed the CELTA course in July 2017 and worked at BEET language centre in Bournemouth until August 2018. It was a real diamond of a job and not a day goes by where I don’t miss it and the amazing people I worked with. However, I want to keep progressing and I want to gain as much teaching experience as possible. One day I’d like to be a CELTA trainer or an IB language and literature teacher – but that’s a long way off!

I spent my late teens and early twenties working mostly in Hospitality / F&B and although I miss the pubs and the football, and I miss making coffee and chatting to random customers, I have finally found my confidence through teaching.

My blog has recently become about my teaching experience, although I will use it for my travel writing (when adventures happen) and the odd piece of creative writing.

I’d love to have ‘guest writers’ and I’d be up for writing for someone else, if the opportunity arises – so please leave me a comment if this is something you think would be fun!

I’m also looking to take on more teaching projects or courses, and any recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

About me? Well, I’m a massive football fan (WEST HAM!) and I’m always taking photos – mostly on my iPhone but I have invested in a decent camera and some lenses. I’m often writing, drawing or putting a scrapbook together – most likely with a cup of coffee.

That’s all – see you around! xo


  1. Namaste…thank you so much for visiting and following my blog 🙂 I look forward to enjoying yours too ~ Lakshmi x

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