Battling societal norms

I’m about to write a post about being yourself and not conforming to the expectations of society, as I sit in a hairdressers having my hair chemically straightened. And two months later, I’m editing this post a day before I’m going to have false eyelashes and waxed and tinted eyebrows… that’s right folks… I’m slowly being sucked in…

Why? Is it because society tells me straight hair is better? No, not at all. I love having long and wavy hair, but having short, fluffy, untameable hair is just a nightmare and it affects my self-confidence.

Over the last few months I’ve battled against my self deciding whether I should get a spray-tan for summer or have eyelash extensions. Why? Well it’s obvious no? I want to look better!

In the end I went with spending more time outdoors with the occasional bronzer to top up my natural tan, and just buying better mascara. I can’t spend all this money on faking how I look.

But after spending just 3 weeks back in the UK I already feel like a little gremlin. I see so many guys with women who are dolled up in fake beauty products – eyelashes, nails, hair extensions. I see most women following suit and I just can’t keep up. So I’ve booked myself in for some eyelash extensions and a mini makeover. My self esteem has hit rock bottom.

And to make it worse, I’ve STILL got a crush on a guy who is 10x better looking than me πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ We’ve all been there right?

Things I occasionally do to change the way I look

  • I box-dye my hair purple (don’t you dare tell me it’s red!)
Live Hair colour by Schwarzkopf Ultra violet colour
Live by Schwarzkopf Ultra Violet
  • I wear fake nails from primark that cost Β£1 and last 7-10 days, and they look amazing.
Primark blue and Aztec paisley false nail collection
Primark false nail collection
  • In the summer I use Dove bronzing lotion on my legs. A bottle is between Β£3-8 depending on where and when you buy it.

I’ve always wanted longer eyelashes, and I really think they enhance how a person looks. When I look at celebrities like Dani Dyer and Jac Jossa I think wow! I wish my eyelashes were as amazing as theirs!

But they have money, and they’re always in the public eye.

If I applied all these fake beauty products / options – would I ever stop? Would I ever be happy with the way I look? I don’t think I would.

I would end up wanting a darker tan, longer lashes, better hair, fancier nails. Then what?


It took me about 11 years to finally accept that I have the world’s most ginormous nose. I hated it for years and years. I’d cry myself to sleep in my teens, feeling ugly, hideous and as if I needed to fix it.

I’m damn glad I got over that worry. I can’t imagine feeling that way now. It’s just a nose for God’s sake. These days I barely think about it. I don’t intentionally pose on a different side for the camera. I don’t delete or untag photos where my nose looks big. It is big. There’s no hiding that.

So why am I fussing over nails and hair and eyelashes?

I love my hair, but I neglect it. I want it so long that I don’t cut it, and then it’s damaged and needs chopping off. I straighten it too much, it all splits. I dye it and then it goes funny a funny faded colour.

I bought hair extensions once and they looked amazing in photos, but close up you could tell I didn’t know what I was doing and they were an absolute nightmare to fix.

It’s safe to say I’m not a beauty diva.

And this is why I have to accept the way I look naturally. I’m so much happier with how I look than I was 5, 10, 15 years ago, but I’m still learning.

I can’t fix extensions, I can’t glue on fake eyelashes and I’m terrible at my make up. If I could, I guess I might from time to time.

I’ve only ever had acrylic nails twice, and I loved them. But they are a pain to up-keep and a big drain on the bank account. So I stick with the primark ones for the odd occasion.

My daily routine

Wake up, wash my face with warm water, then apply Aloe Vera gel.

Let my eyes adjust to the air and light whilst I make coffee or have breakfast.

Moisturise – I use a mixture of No.7 (Protect and Perfect Serum) or Boots tea tree & witch hazel products

Apply my mascara tinted primer (Benefit!) and then my mascara (Benefit BANG! Or the old Seventeen Doll’d up, which is no longer sold but I stocked up).

I use a No.7 airbrush primer or I also have two of Benefit’s primers – it just depends on my mood.

And then I apply my No.7 medium / full coverage foundation (I don’t use any brushes or sponges)

Next I apply a swift brush of No.7 bronzer, followed by a thin line of Benefit highlighter

(I’m obsessed with both of these products and would not swap them out of my make up bag for anything – and I’ve tried plenty of alternatives!)

The next stage depends on my mood and time limit, but if I do my eyebrows I only really use one product, it’s the No. 7 Brow pencil (old version).

I have a number of new Benefit brow products but I’m still learning how to use them, and would only really make the effort if I was going to a party. They’re great though! I’m just lazy.

Finally, finally, I spray a layer of maybelline finish spray which is actually a miracle in a bottle. It keeps my make up perfect all day long. 9-10 hours at least, and I feel naked without it.

So there you have it.

My very basic routine which actually involves an awful lot of make up, yet only takes about 10 minutes if I’m in a rush. And up to an hour if I’m on instagram and making coffee in between.

What I’d like to know is what beauty routines do you have? What ‘additions’ to you make to your looks, and why? I’m hopeless in the beauty department so I’d love to hear about your routines, products, etc.

2 thoughts on “Battling societal norms

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  1. Dear, sweet Claire,

    I just like to tell you that you look stunning in the way you are. I never tought like your nose is ‘too big’. It fits in the whole picture :). Everyone has it’s own insecureness.
    My beauty routines are not so special, but I use my favourite brand Lancome for my eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencil. I’m very happy with this brand for more then 5 years. That’s all the make-up products I use. Only if I go out I use eyeshadow and lipgloss as well. for my face I use a face cleaner and a day cream.
    Once in the 8 weeks I go to a hairsalon for a haircut and to dye it

    With Love,


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