Big girl pants

After taking 3 sick days this week, I think it’s time to put on my big girl pants and pull myself together.

I went to work yesterday and lasted 30 minutes before I started crying my eyes out. I have no idea why. Everyone was being so nice and I just couldn’t take it.

I’m so fragile at the moment it’s pathetic.

And let’s face it, puffy eyes is never a good look.

Had a hot shower, whacked on some fake tan and my new hot pants (yes, I’ve finally invested!).

I’ve sat on the sofa with my duvet watching Netflix Scorpion and now my mum’s had enough of the moping around.

I’m throwing out loads of old keepsakes and rubbish-y things I’ve been hoarding, the music is on full volume and I’m finally feeling a little better. It’s been so long since I truly felt this low that I’ve forgotten how to deal with it.

I read a quote this morning, that some people will bring you so much positivity and sunshine that when are no longer part of your life it will inevitably hurt. ‘They leave a gaping whole in your heart that you will forever try to fill’

Is it just me? Or does anyone else feel like they’re not emotionally stable enough to be around other people? I take everything so far to heart. Every word, every action. And then I just self destruct.

I hurt myself before anyone else gets the chance to.

How do I stop?

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