Goodbye Bournemouth, Hello LLanrwst!

By now, many of you will know that my family and I recently left Bournemouth for North Wales! After spending one third of my life in Bournemouth, I felt a huge bag of mixed emotions about leaving. But mainly I felt sad about leaving my amazing colleagues and students, who I really miss! However, I... Continue Reading →


I would empty my bank account, travel around the world, walk to the moon and back, crawl over hot coals just to end up with you.

Big girl pants

After taking 3 sick days this week, I think it's time to put on my big girl pants and pull myself together. I went to work yesterday and lasted 30 minutes before I started crying my eyes out. I have no idea why. Everyone was being so nice and I just couldn't take it. I'm... Continue Reading →


I can't seem to function once I step out of the door. Make up becomes pointless, it only ends up streaming down my face. The minute I walk out the front door I feel sick, uneasy, unsafe, dizzy, angry, hurt. After a few minutes of locking the door behind me, back in my home, I... Continue Reading →

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