A few days in Switzerland

As soon as I left Zürich last year, I was itching to go back almost immediately. 13 months later I managed to squeeze another trip between my teaching weeks and I absolutely loved it! P.S. If you're in a rush and want a quick summary of my trip, it's at the bottom of the page ;)... Continue Reading →

China – 6 weeks later

And I still haven't received a single penny. I've had enough now. Last week I had yet another email full of contradicting statements and it was basically 'we will pay you for the hours you've worked TO THE PENNY even though head office don't want to pay you' Yet again showing that contracts in China... Continue Reading →

Breaking up with China [p2]

As you guys have probably noticed, part one was a little long and emotional. Since I arrived back in the UK on April 6th everything has been a complete roller-coaster. I arrived late on Friday night, Tuesday was payday and I knew there would be a problem. Of course there was a problem. Despite being told that... Continue Reading →

Breaking up with China [p1]

Hey to those of you reading! As you can see, my last post was an entire month ago - my little trip to Monkey Mountain and since that day things went rapidly downhill. I woke up that Tuesday morning feel absolutely exhausted. Not from the hike, but from another day in China. I woke up crying, my ... Continue Reading →

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