Giving up


I’ve been here 14 days now and I’ve had enough.

I haven’t slept more than 4 or 5 hours a night, and the last 4 nights I’ve only had about 3 hours.

I am absolutely exhausted.

The noise level in every single metre of this city is ridiculous.

I can’t take it any more.

I just want to go home.

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  1. Hey Claire, I hope you are good, I just came across your blog and this post and I understand your struggles. I got back from living in China a few months ago. Even though it was my third time there, it was so difficult living there, there are so many factors working for and against you. It’s insane.

    1. Hey Monique, thanks so much for your message! I’m back in England now and although I will definitely move back out to China in the future, it won’t be happening just yet. It felt like everything was against me all of the time. It completely wore me down.

      1. Don’t worry I’m still supposed to be there. I was supposed to be there for a year. It is not easy and I totally understand what you went through. Chinese is part of my degree so coming back early wasn’t ideal but I was so unhappy there. I want to go back in the future on my own terms. I’m happy I go to read your story!.

      2. Oh wow! What are you studying? Where are you from? I’m glad someone understands. I honestly did not want to leave China, I just wanted to find a job and a city that was more suitable for me. Part 2 is coming soon if you want to read on 😂 but I’m glad you’re back home too!

      3. I am from the UK and I study Chinese and International relations. I really want to go back, I miss the friends I made and the experiences, I hope to be back within the next two years living and working there for a while! Maybe I will bump into you. I will definitely be keeping up to date with your blog.

      4. Wow that’s fantastic! I’m in the UK too. Let’s keep in touch! I also miss the friends I made there. We will both have new chances that’s for sure!

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