Week 3 Day 1

So I didn’t think I’d actually want to write about this, but it turns out I need to.

This week, I know, it’s only Tuesday, I’m immensely struggling already with poor time management and a huge amount of stress and pressure. Partially because of the China move… but mainly because of loads of little things.

Today, at least 4 people asked me how my boyfriend/fiancé/husband was… if we were excited for our big move… then made a big deal when I told them we’d broken up.

Please stop.

It’s hard enough as it is without people asking a million questions and demanding to know all the details.

I made the right decision but to suddenly lose someone you spent nearly 10 months, every day, with us not that simple.

We had a lot of fun together and I will keep many good memories, but for now I’d like to stop feeling so upset about it all.

Does anyone else understand where I’m coming from? Why is it so hard to leave the past where it is?

I’m not angry or bitter, but I feel like I’m not moving forward.


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