Be kind to yourself post break up.

Going along with the advice I posted in my ‘break-up‘ post, I’m looking after myself big time at the moment. I’m trying to work out every day and on the days I don’t, I notice my mood is much more deflated. There’s some weird positive energy in those achy muscles that make you feel like you’ve done something great… even if it was just 20 squats.

On Thursday I decided to see some friends, eat brownies, drink some coffee and read my book – all before lunch!

Once lunch was over I decided to have a manicure and treat myself to some lovely new acrylic nails – wowee do they look lovely! There’s also something strangely satisfying about that loud drumming noise you can make on the table with long nails…

I walked past our favourite restaurant, almost sad that I couldn’t go in there anymore, when I stopped and thought for a second. ‘Why the hell shouldn’t I be going in my favourite restaurant? He’s not in there. It’s not his restaurant!’ So I turned around and went in… sat on a lovely table all by myself and relished in the fact that I could eat in peace and quiet, without having to deal with anyone else’s eating habits. It was so relaxing. I indulged in my favourite meal, Penne Arribiatta (okay, I can never spell that correctly) and watched the world go by.

I bought myself a new book and chatted to the staff in Waterstones about the latest novels, what we liked and didn’t like, and it was genuinely lovely to talk to people with similar interests… I just felt a whole lot bouncier and more positive about everything. Let’s face it, new books make us bookworms stupidly happy.

I returned some jewelry (charms with his initial and lucky number) and the guy laughed, saying “Oops! I guess that isn’t a lucky number after all!) Which as sad as it made me feel, is obviously true. It’ll be a funny moment for me to look back on that’s for sure. Plus a little extra money in my bank account for myself!

Then I came home, put my pjs on and read my books.

The most simple of things really can make a big difference to our mood and it’s important to remember that there is nothing wrong with spending time by yourself. In fact, it’s extremely important.

Be comfortable with being alone, make yourself a priority.

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