Isn’t it strange how someone can infuriate you for days and weeks on end over the smallest of things, then suddenly those things all add up and become one big thing and you explode, unable to put up with it anymore.

Yet the minute you put your foot down and say enough is enough, it’s like the dam breaks and the waterworks won’t stop flowing and you miss them every minute of the day.

‘Oh that’s funny, he used to say that’ let me cry for 10 minutes.

‘Oh I always wore those pyjamas at his house’ let me cry for 5 minutes how I’ll never go there again even though I hated being in that cold and miserable room.

‘Oh we were going to go there together…’ let me cry again even though it was never going to work

‘Not wearing my engagement ring feels like I’m half naked…’ let me cry about how I’ll not be getting married next year even though he wasn’t the right person for me

Why does this happen?

Why do we miss people who do not care for us? Who do not look after us? Who aren’t right for us? Who do not love us?

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