This is a man’s world.

Is it? Well for this post, it can be.

I’ve noticed two things already in 2018:

  • It seems to suddenly be okay for people to spit in public. Yes. Spit.

    Could somebody please tell me why? I was walking into town the other day when somewhere not too far behind me someone seemed to make the most revolting sound in his throat, then spit out onto the floor. I find this absolutely repulsive in every way, and completely unnecessary. Why?! Then a while later as we sat outside Subway having lunch, some man walked past and spat out on the floor, right by us! It made me feel sick!
  • The whole ‘trackies’ trend seems to be dying out. Why is that?

It got me thinking about how the trends are changing again for men. I see so many youngsters in town looking 10x better than I ever do (girls, obviously), but the guys seem to be taking such an interest in fashion, style, appearance. Pinterest is booming with men’s fashion, I see far more men taking selfies these days… so I thought I’d ask a few questions (see below).

I also stumbled across this post from 2008, written by Antonio Centeno, and although he’s talking about fashion in a business world, his points still remain valid in society today.

Firstly, I asked the ladies if they about the way men dress.
Results: 32 out of 41 ladies said yes, they did.

Then, I asked the men if they cared about the way they dressed.
Results: 17 out of 23 said yes, they did care.

I know just from teaching a young group of students that the majority of the guys make a real effort in with their clothing, their hair, keeping fit, etc and it’s actually surprised me recently! But it’s kinda nice, right?

I asked both girls and guys to answer “Do you like seeing men in tracksuits?”
Results: 31 out of 42 people said NO! In all honesty I’m surprised that even 12 people said yes, but then I guess it all depends what tracksuit we’re talking about, right?

In my personal opinion, I don’t really like them. Occasionally they’re okay. However, when you see Mr Craig David here, he’s totally workin’ it!

Ladies, beards on guys?
Results: 27 out of 37 said yes. Which doesn’t surprise me. I don’t mind either way!

Ladies, tattoos on guys?
Results: 33! said yes, and 16 said no. Again, I don’t mind either way but I have to admit I’m not one for facial ink.

Ladies, piercings on guys?
Results: 16 said yes, but a surprising 28 said no!

Smoking! Something I’ve never liked but this result surprised me!
45 out of 51 people said they do not like being around people who smoke.

I asked the guys do they prefer smart or casual shirts for everyday wear, and the winning answers fluctuated over 24 hours.
Final result: 23 said casual, 20 said smart.

Guys, do you prefer trainers or smart shoes?
Result: 18 for trainers and 23 for smart shoes. I guess it all depends on the situation right? You can’t exactly go to a high class restaurant in trainers, and most places even refuse entry at the weekend unless you’re ‘dressed to impress’!

My final questions lead on from yesterday’s post about manners, and here are the, not so surprising, results.

Q: Are table manners important to you?
A: 46 said yes, 1 said no.

Q: If people pay for your food, do you order the most expensive thing on the menu?
A: 43 said no, rude (haha) and 4 said uhhhh yes (those 4 people did not surprise me here!).

In this case, I think this is extremely bad manners. I get it, someone’s offered to pay for you, but what if they don’t actually have enough money to cover the cost of your meal? What if they have to eat less for a week just to pay for one of your meals? No. I always aim for the lower end of the price range, just out of politeness. Please leave your thoughts on this, I’m so curious on this one!

Q: Do you find it rude when people spit or burp in front of you?
A: 41 said yes, 5 said no.

Why not? I understand burping is sometimes totally unstoppable, but spitting? WHY!?

I really appreciate everyone taking part in the polls and thought I’d leave you with a few photos of who I think are some of the best dressed men. In my opinion, they always look 110%!

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  1. I totally agree with you about the topic of men spitting in public. It absolutely disgusting, and it’s always men or boys doing it. Now I am not anti-men/boys, but you hardly – if ever – see girls or women spitting in public so why do men and boys think it is ok for them to do it.

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