2017 reflections

Initial plans Before 2017 started I was determined that this year my main goals were: 1. to beat depression (my new year's resolution that failed in 2015) 2. to hold down a proper job and pay my bills, and 3. to re-ignite my love for reading What I have accomplished this year is more than... Continue Reading →

Rüdesheim, der zweite und dritte Tag.

After a terrible sleep, we went down for breakfast to find that our friends had bought us presents... some super cute fluffy, penguin socks on our table, which are perfect for this cold weather! I absolutely love breakfast in Germany. It's one of the best things on earth. We walked around the Christmas market, which... Continue Reading →

Deutschland: hab dich lieb

So my trip to Germany started at 4:30 this morning, which is never a pretty time to wake up. We stayed at the Hampton Hilton hotel at Stansted airport and it was lovely, brand new and full of festive spirit! I'd definitely recommend staying there if you're ever flying out early. Comfy bed / rooms... Continue Reading →

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