Level up, level up!

The words I hear so often at the moment. All these students want to do is 'level up', even if they don't put the work in to actually improve. It's literally draining my brain and body of energy, each time I have to explain why they cannot 'level up'. This is not super mario or... Continue Reading →

Word of The Day: Hashtag

Because we all love a good hashtag!

English-Language Thoughts

Happy Birthday Hashtag.

The symbol’s now been in use for ten years on Twitter. It’s changed the way we communicate online a lot, allowing us to condense complex messages into simple phrases, and has now spread beyond Twitter. It only took me about nine of those ten years to figure out how to use them. And even now I’m not entirely convinced I’m doing it right.

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Slackin’ slightly.

Firstly guys, thanks so much for your lovely comments and messages of support since I started teaching - they are all greatly appreciated! Secondly, I apologize for my lack of posts. I am absolutely exhausted! My lovely friend Helene stayed with me over the weekend before flying home to Lyon, so I had to play... Continue Reading →

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