China, Taiwan, same thing!

Funnily enough guys, China and Taiwan are not the same ‘thing’. They are not the same country. They are not the same place.

Something I hear all of the time when I explain my background is that China and Taiwan are the same thing, the same place, or ‘the same sort of place’ and in all honestly, it makes me a little annoyed. Especially when these words come from intelligent, educated people who should know better.

This is not to spark a China-Taiwan debate, nor will I get into any debates about the never-ending China-Taiwan issues. This is merely a short post to express my disappointment in people who group these countries together without even thinking about what they are actually saying.

Imagine if I went around saying “Spain? Portugal? Whatever, they’re the same country!” or, “Brazil? They speak Portuguese, they must be from the same place!”.

C’mon guys, just think about it a little…

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