I’m an English teacher!

It's official. I got offered a 4-week temporary teaching contract at the sister school  of where I did my CELTA!  My first day was full of nerves from the minute I woke up, which I tried to calm down with avocado on toast and a berry smoothie. Then a coffee. Then a massive salad box.... Continue Reading →

New week, new job.

So I've spiralled straight out of my CELTA course and flying into a teaching job at ITTC's sister school, BEET!  Am I nervous? Absolutely.  Am I excited? Definitely. It's a prestigious language school, where students from all over world move to Bournemouth especially to study there! Keep your fingers crossed for me guys... 🤞🏻


Apologies for the late update, as we finished our course on Friday afternoon! My provisional grade is a Pass - and fingers crossed it stays that way. The last week was an odd one. Until Wednesday we were all panicking about re-subs and whether or not we had done enough to pass. Completing final lesson... Continue Reading →


(is over!) and here's a slightly late update on it... HECTIC. MENTAL. STRESSFUL. PULLING MY HAIR OUT. Wow. Guys. Week three was intense! By far the most intense week of studying yet. With lesson plans coming out of my eyes and tears flowing from my eyeballs as I write assignments and re-submissions galore... (okay, three,... Continue Reading →

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