First draft.

That night I let you in will never leave me alone.
Your hands like hammers breaking down the door.
Caring too much for waking the neighbors, I let you in.
Like Voldemort to Harry, you flew through the room.
Ready to kill.
I let you in.

A murderer no, there’s no fun in that.
Once I was dead the games would stop, and you needed that.

Head against the wall, your hands tightening around my throat.
How many times have I laughed off, ‘I nearly died!’? This was another.
A lie. I was fine. Not a bruise to show. No one would ever know.
It’s my fault after all,
I let you in.

That lock became my best friend.
Keeping me safe just a little while longer.
That cold floor was a safe haven, the one place he couldn’t come in.
I wouldn’t let you in.

It didn’t matter, the demons had let lose in my mind.
Your demons. Your cruelty consumed me. Broke me.
It was too late,

I let you in.


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