100 Happy Days – Day Two

So today hasn’t been as good as yesterday, but it could have been a lot worse, I suppose.

I woke up feeling grateful that once again, it wasn’t raining.

It was quiet both in and around the house, and when Mum and Dad came home they had wonderful news!

The neighbours from HELL have finally, after three years, MOVED OUT!!

What an absolute relief.

I started cleaning, tidying and sorting my room out once again and after nearly 6 hours, it is nearly finished and looking pretty damn good! I’m impressed. Another few hours tomorrow and it will be looking wonderful!

Dad had bought some lovely wine for us, and made us a rocket and goat’s cheese salad – it was deliiiiiicious!

We had a really good time together just laughing and being really silly. That was lots of fun.

I carried on drawing and designing my New Media story and I am SO proud of myself for how it has turned out!!

This evening wasn’t so great, and after a few arguments and cancelling a few plans, my parents insisted on going out for dinner.

My boyfriend has left hidden messages on my phone :)
My boyfriend has left hidden messages on my phone 🙂

We went to the Larderhouse in Southbourne and it is absolutely the most unique place I’ve ever been to! There’s so many different choices of spirits, wines, cocktails and the food menu is quite special! It’s different every day and the dishes are mouth-watering! I’m so glad we went there.

Now I’m home, snuggled up in my Me-to-you onesie that my sister bought me for christmas, and I’m going to  try and have an early-ish night.

It’s been a stressful, but productive day.

I’m hoping that this happiness thing gets a little easier every day.

Let’s hope so at least.

My happiness pad says:

  • It isn’t raining!
  • The neighbours from hell have finally moved out
  • Finding things that belonged to my Grandpa
  • Having fun at lunch with my parents
  • Having an amazing selection of nice perfumes
  • Perfect family evening
  • And a holiday may possibly be on the cards soon

Goodnight everyone! xo

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