100 Happy Days – Day One.

Today has truly been a good day, and I have actually realised that in my normal mind set, it would have been terrible.

I woke up to a beautiful morning and had a long, hot shower before starting my day properly.

I spent most of the morning drawing pictures for my University assignment (yes, lucky me!) and then helped my Dad with some of his work, before heading to University to try and appeal one of my grades. Unfortunately, nothing can be done which I personally think is ridiculous as our lecturer marked us so unfairly and actually incorrectly. Hey ho!

I spent the afternoon drawing again, and eating fresh hot baguette in my mum’s car, whilst waiting for her to finish work. I planned on walking home but by the time I got to her shop it was pouring, so I bought some food in Lidl and sat in the car so she could drive me home.

This evening, Mum cooked a delicious dinner and I have continued my drawings, although there are quite a few crumpled piece of paper on my floor in failed attempts at hitting the bin.

My notepad of happiness says:

  • My hair is lovely and soft
  • My perfume is still strong despite having a bath last night
  • The sun in shining
  • I won £10 yesterday
  • I’m proud of today’s drawings
  • People have taken the time to give me feedback on my work
  • Warm baguettes are the best!
  • Mum’s home cooked dinner
  • The song Timber

So I’d say that being happy, day one, was definitely a success!

& a much better feeling 🙂

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