100 Happy Days – Day Four

My happiness today is that my mum took the day off work to look after me. We went to some craft stores and looked through all of the new stuff. We had lunch in a garden centre and bought my dad some birthday presents. I always find garden centres so expensive! Like a little pot... Continue Reading →

100 Happy Days – Day Two

So today hasn't been as good as yesterday, but it could have been a lot worse, I suppose. I woke up feeling grateful that once again, it wasn't raining. It was quiet both in and around the house, and when Mum and Dad came home they had wonderful news! The neighbours from HELL have finally,... Continue Reading →

100 Happy Days – Day One.

Today has truly been a good day, and I have actually realised that in my normal mind set, it would have been terrible.I woke up to a beautiful morning and had a long, hot shower before starting my day properly.I spent most of the morning drawing pictures for my University assignment (yes, lucky me!) and... Continue Reading →

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