Prague, day three.

Sunday is always meant to be the day of rest, and today pretty much was. After another shockingly awful breakfast I took ages getting ready to go out. It was one of those typical girl days where nothing looked or felt right.

We walked through the towns, looking in random shops and trying to find somewhere nice for lunch. That definitely didn’t work as after an hour we ended up stuffing our faces in McDonalds!

And then having a nice afternoon nap. We woke up to this stunning sight before heading out for dinner…


Josh had booked a table for dinner at the most amazing restaurant; Pasta Fresca! Which quite unbelievably is part of a chain of restaurants. Everything is fresh! You can see people making the pasta, there’s a huge table of cheese in the middle of the restaurant and they have over 100 different wines!


I had beautiful birthday flowers on my table, and for dinner I had homemade gnocci with BLACK TRUFFLES!! it was absolutely amazing! I was far too full up for dessert, which was a shame.



We walked, or I waddled, back to the hotel through the Christmas markets, and decided to stay in for the night. Of course, we played a few games of scrabble, watched The Internship, and just chilled out. Such a good day in the end.


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