The last day in Prague

... Started off with a horrendous amout of rain, a terrible breakfast and us staying in the hotel room right until check out. The weather was horrible! We went back to the vegetarian restaurant for lunch, which was so busy that we had to share a table with someone. They brought our food out so... Continue Reading →

Prague, day three.

Sunday is always meant to be the day of rest, and today pretty much was. After another shockingly awful breakfast I took ages getting ready to go out. It was one of those typical girl days where nothing looked or felt right. We walked through the towns, looking in random shops and trying to find... Continue Reading →

The first 24 hours in Prague.

Happy Birthday to meeee 24 hours ago Josh and I arrived in Prague, to freezing temperatures and a driver who thought it was okay to drive straight through a red light. We had a busy day in London, picking up presents and travel money - having lunch and rushing for the coach - Gatwick was... Continue Reading →

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