Deutschland mit Joshua [3]

What a day! I was up far too early coughing, sneezing and had a headache. Josh and I drove to a bakery near by and bought some croissants and Chocco pains, which we had for breakfast with yogurts and orange juice at the house. It was perfect. It just felt exactly like what a family home would feel like.

We gave our key back and said goodbye to the wonderful lady who owned the house, and drove to the town centre where we visited a Puppet museum! It was quite interesting and we only paid €5 to get in.


As we still had hours left of our day, we decided to find a zoo to visit. This ended up being Kaiserlautern Zoo and it was so lovely! We saw tigers, zebras, monkeys and a lot of awful geese. Despite the torrential rain it was really sweet and the lady gave us student discount!



Then we stopped off at a near by McDonalds, where I tried a McBaguette! Definitely interesting! Germany have much better deals for McDonalds.


After a long drive we arrived back at the airport, had a beer and a glass of wine before checking in, played scrabble. Then did the same after checking in before boarding an awful flight. Noisy, smelly and completely overpriced.



Now we are on the coach back to London, which is also noisy and very stuffy and we’re both very tired.

Such a fantastic 3 days though and worth every penny.

I love you Joshua


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