Deutschland mit Joshua [2]

Another fantastic day! Saturday, that is.
I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, and about little house overlooks acres of fields either side of us the views were beautiful!

We made some breakfast and packed some snacks for the day before heading off to visit some of my family friends in Sankt Goarshausen. It is such a beautiful drive along the Rhine and the sun was shining on the valleys and we could see all the castles!


It was wonderful seeing my friends again and to introduce Josh to them. We stayed for over an hour just catching up and Martina made a wonderful apple crumble with apples from her garden! amazing!

Afterwards, we set off to Marksburg Castle
and unfortunately got very lost, and decided not to continue to Koblenz but go to Rüdesheim instead. By this time it was nearly 3pm and we were absolutely starving!

We had lunch in a restaurant my family have been going to for as long as I can remember and it was just okay, but we were too hungry to complain.


The cable car closed at 4pm and we arrived at 10 past, thoroughly disappointed! So we decided to take pictures with the standing one instead, like the mature people we are.



The sunset was lovely, and we walked along the river before quickly saying hello to another family friend and then catching the ferry to the other side!


On our drive home we passed a little outdoor centre and a hut with twinkling lights and bottles of wine, naturally we pulled over. A winery had set this up so people could try different wines of theirs and then buy some by the glass or bottle. It was fantastic ! We had one glass and sat inside and played cards. Where it smelt of pumpkin, lavender and all sorts of herbs. The lady didn’t speak any English but with my very broken German we just about managed.

As soon as we got home Josh googled McDonalds, and off we went again. I must admit German veggie burgers are absolutely awful! so now we know.

The rest of the evening was beyond perfect. We stayed in and played scrabble, had a few glasses of wine which was made here on the vineyard we are staying at. We filled out our travel journal and wrote little messages and then had lots of cuddles! always good!



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