Deutschland mit Joshua! [1]

After having very little sleep the last 48 hours, the airport being full of sleeping people and the plane being delayed – we made it to Germany unharmed!



Unfortunately, the first thing we did was not buy a pretzel and Apfel schörle, but we did pick up and Audi A1! wooopwooooop. Absolutely beaut car. Josh drove us to our little Gästhaus in Bad Kreuznach with no traffic, no hiccups (sigh of relief) and it is absolutely beautiful!


We had a quick shower, change, cup of tea before heading into town to find some lunch – which we found in a lovely pizzeria called Salina’s. I had a great pasta and although Josh was being nice I don’t think it was worth a €7 tip!


We went to Aldi to buy a few necessities for the weekend then went for a drive in the pouring rain! We drove to a town my parents used to go to for breakfast, Bingen and looked out across the river.

As soon as we got in at about 6pm I fell straight asleep and have only just woken up. So I’ll be working on my travel journal ❤️


Goodnight xo

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