Finally, a perfect day.

After an incredibly difficult week, it felt so good to finally be able to see and hug my boyfriend again.

We had an amazing lie in and didn’t leave the house until nearly one in the afternoon. We bought a day ticket for the underground and planned to see loads of new places, but instead we did the usual.

We got off at Covent Garden, listen to some fantastic music. This band were amazing. Violins and a cello were being played backwards, under the legs, behind the neck all whilst clapping, cheering and dancing. It was so upbeat and enthusiastic. I really hope they made a lot of money today.
We bought some drinks from Tesco, and found coke bottles With both our names on them!! happy days!

We strolled through Covent Garden, walked along to St Paul’s Cathedral, down to Charing’s Cross, Embankment and then all along the water, over a bridge to the eye and then past Big Ben towards St James’ Park where we finally stopped for lunch. Which was a Tesco finest meal deal. talk about supporting our employers.

We sat in the sun for an hour or so, people watching, bird watching and just enjoying the quiet. We picked up a balloon near the OXO towers, a music hall had an event where hundreds of balloons were floating around and each one had an act of kindness written on them. It was such a beautiful idea. They were all bright colours and people all over the city had them.

After that we made our way down to Victoria to catch the train home. We hardly stopped talking all day, it was just like when we first started going out.

It was perfect.

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