I can’t keep up


I’m just trying to think about everything logically. I’m wondering how some people can sit back and do nothing yet they have the most amazing opportunities thrown their way. Other people work really hard and get no where, and then the best type of people are those who work so hard for what they have, then a little extra luck comes their way.

Does all this come down to who has the most money? I’m starting to feel like growing up abroad has had no positive effects on my life. I just want my third year of University to be over so I can travel, have a full time job so I can earn money and create a more interesting life for myself. I haven’t got enough money to do any of the courses I want, which means I can’t do any of the part one jobs I want to.

I am so glad I started this blog though, because it got me my placement. I have been so lucky here, I’ve had so many opportunities already. I can’t imagine how different it would have been if I went to London.

Although I am debating going there got a month in August. I need a few more stories. Football, at the zoo maybe.

It feels like everything good is happening to everyone else and I’m missing out on these things because I’ve got no money.

I wish I could just pick up and move, because I’m getting tired of everyone leaving me.

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