Something old, something new


The last time I went kayaking I would have been about 10 years old. My sister and I went out on a freezing cold lake in Canada – with full on wetsuits, life jackets, the lot. Obviously with an instructor.

I’ve been wanting to do it again for years but have never had the chance.. Luckily for me I have an amazing boyfriend, who happens to be rather in love with kayaking every 5 minutes 🙂

Last Saturday I had the day off and it was a stunning day so we decided it was time to kayak! We bought some food and brought it to the beach, along with the two kayaks. Josh took his two sisters out first, as they hadn’t been before, and then it was finally my turn!

It felt like we were out there for ages even though I’m sure we weren’t. It was so beautiful just lying in the sun in the middle of the sea. Thankfully the sea was quite calm, and it wasn’t too much work. My arms still ached like crazy until Tuesday though. How embarrassing!

It was a fantastic day though, I can’t wait to go again!


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