The Grandma’s Weekender

So today is our second proper day in Magalluf and so far so good. The weather is beautiful – clear skies, warm and sunny! although everyone else seems to be complaining about how cold it is. Typical English people!

Our first night, Thursday, consisted of me waiting from 6pm until 11pm for Melissa to arrive, before a quick change of clothes and heading out onto the strip for ‘just one drink’.

Who were we trying to fool?!

One became three, five, seven with a couple of shots inbetween, stealing a party hat from someone and Melissa winning a game of pool by accidently potting all of her balls in about 5 seconds. too funny!

I think it’s safe to say we were far too worse for wear to do much yesterday until about 2pm.. Before that we just lay by the pool, feeling very sorry for ourselves and vowing not to drink again. yeah right, like you haven’t heard that before.

My credit has run out already, after less than 48 hours.. Surely it shouldn’t be that hard to just turn my phone off for a week? Loads of places here have wifi, but since Melissa isn’t too fussed about using her phone I’m trying to do the same.

The food we’ve had so far has been really tasty- nachos, pasta, Mcdonalds! haha.. And I bought some bread and jam from the supermarket to save buying snacks every 5 seconds.

The place is busier than I expected, and certainly can see how bad it must get during the high season. Exactly why we said we would never come to Magalluf. We are constantly being pressured into bar crawls, crazy nights out with free flow shots, 2-4-1 on all spirits, free tshirts, oh, as long as you pay €40 odd. nooooo thank you!

We agreed yesterday that we probably should have looked at staying on a different part of the island, but it’s not too bad for now. The hotel is much better than we expected, as the hotel we stayed in in Kavos was absolutely vile. The people are relatively friendly and the beaches are lovely. What spoils it? English people. The rude and sleazy English people. Melissa overheard numerous Spanish people saying the same thing.. And I feel sorry for the locals.

People think we’re crazy for not being in a severe state of intoxication all day and night, but we’re perfectly content in spending the day wandering around, tanning and having a decent meal before going back to the hotel.

Yesterday my toe started swelling up so much that it was awfully painful just to touch, let alone walk on, and so I started getting a bit worries.. Now I’ve woken up and it’s completely fine. Hmmm…

The Magalluf weekender? we don’t think so. We were in bed by half 10 last night drinking Green Tea and both reading our books. Beaaaaaaaaut holiday 🙂


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