You know, that terrible habit girls have.
Well I’m doing a little too much of it lately. I seem to be over-analysing and in-depth thinking over silly things that probably mean absolutely nothing. It’s driving me insane.

So this morning I walked to University, in the blazing sun, and it was beautiful. It was incredibly warm for half-past nine, but as soon as I walked through the gates I realised how it was very much like a ghost-town. Of course! A bank holiday. Which meant no buses were running and none of the shops were open. So I took my laptop and sat outside on the benches in the middle of the courtyard. It was fantastic. It was peaceful, I got to sit in the sun and get my work done.

Because there were no buses running, my beautiful friend couldn’t get to University, and instead I packed up my things and started walking, walking towards Winton, then Charminster, then Boscombe… and after missing the only bus by 5 minutes, I ended up walking an hour and a half to Southbourne.


Thankfully, after a ridiculous about of walking and two very sore feet later, Josh and I went for lunch on the cliff top and The Spy and Kettleglass pub. Very lucky us as we managed to pinch a table outside in the garden, and despite the clouds coming over for the majority of the time we sat out, it was a gorgeous afternoon.

I had a veggie burger and a naked apple koppaberg – deeeeeeeeeeeelicious!


Then on the way home we walked along the cliff top and stopped so I could finally buy a Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream, as I haven’t had one it was seems like forever.


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