May-day. <3

I cannot believe how quickly this year is going, especially when just a few months ago I remember telling my parents how difficult this year was going to be, and how much it was bound to just drag.

I must admit, I haven’t got much to show for 2013 yet except for my trip to India which was immense. Absolutely the most interesting trip I’ve had in a long time and I simply cannot wait to go back! The last few weeks everything seems to be picking up, with the right people and the insanely odd fact that I have actually started studying a fair amount as well.

Yesterday was beautiful, sitting at the far end of the University Starbucks, on the sofa, in the heat of the sunshine and drinking a mix of Starbucks and Kopparberg. Perfection. Oh, and in the best company, obviously.

It’ s just a shame I have so much work to be doing, both University and shift-work, when the sun is finally making an appearance, but I guess money and a degree has to come first or I’ll be stuck in this dull country forever.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I had a garden, or if I had an amazing job.
I think it would be fantastic if I could work for a company where I just went around reviewing places. Hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc around the country, because then I could meet so many new people, take loads of photographs and just explore England more. It’s just right now it’s so hard and expensive to get around, no one wants to join me and I have work-commitments. I really hope this isn’t what life is going to be about.

Mum and I went for a walk last night as it was such a stunning evening, and me being the over-enthusiastic person that I am about the nice weather, decided to buy an ice-cream and wear shorts. So it’s safe to say I’m rather surprised the men in white-coats didn’t pick me up and cart me off to a looney bin. It made me think though, that I really do need to go back to the gym.

So I should probably sort out a decent summer to-do list before it gets too late.


I wish I could spend my exploring new places, writing about them all, taking pictures of anything and everything interesting and then ending the day with a cocktail on a beautiful beach, somewhere hot.


 Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

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