Happy Birthday Creativity.

Happy Birthday Andy.

I decided to try out some cake tricks
I made a few cupcakes, little ones, big ones, a mini heart cake
& some tiny chocolate flowers…

So, my recipe is from BBC Good Food, Vanilla Cupcakes

I ordered some Call of Duty toppers and toy soliders from ebay – which turned out to be pretty awesome and I’m quite proud of how they turned out.

Then I made some reddish vanilla cupcakes, and decorated them in various ways.

What I used…

  • a variety of sprinkles,
  • food colouring (red and green)
  • food pens
  • vanilla flavouring
  • betty crockers icing
  • food bags (snipped the end off to pour the icing out of)
  • chocolate chips
  • the usual cake ingredients
  • and there we go!

It did take me a good few hours but I’m pleased with how it all turned out… I got quite creative! & hopefully it was appreciated it.. here are the pics!





a nervous me awaiting 00:00

and the final table presentation!Image

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