Big kids at heart ❤

As it’s Andys birthday on Saturday, and he has to work, we decided we would do something fun today! We both had the day off and since all the schools break up for Easter on Thursday, venturing out on Good Friday seemed a silly idea.

We got up early and I had given him his main birthday present today as it would be a vital item for our day out – Fuji film S2980 – I think he liked it! We packed some rolls, crisps and a few drinks and set off to Legoland! It took us about an hour and a half, which wasn’t too bad, using my trustworthy iPad for directions!


We started passing patches of snow as we passed Fleet and drove into Windsor, and the car thermostat started blinking as it neared 0oC … Not a pretty sight when you come out in just a tshirt and a jacket. silly, silly fools for not checking the weather forecast or mainly for just not thinking.

Once we arrived at the gates, an elderly man sorted out our tickets for us. Luckily we had a 2-4-1 voucher and the man let me go in as a child, which saved us £9.50! What a wonderful man he was. So smiley and friendly! :’)

We set off to the Star Wars building, wandered through the the Lego figures and amazing little scenes that had been built – many of them featured sounds and moving parts as well once you pushed a button! They had a laser gun ride where you sat in a little cart with a laser gun for each person to shoot at various targets throughout the journey! There was a camera near the end and our picture was priceless! Unfortunately, we didn’t have £8 to spare, which is an extortionate price to pay for a silly picture!

We carried on, avoiding the water rides as within minutes of leaving the car we were bitterly cold and definitely not wrapped up enough! It started snowing as well! I do love the snow ❤

We passed the Lego hotel, both honestly wishing we had stayed the night! But Andy had a cigarette and thankfully there were outside heaters! A slight God-send even if it was for a few minutes. I was too short to feel the full effect anyway 😦

Our next journey was on the Sea Life submarine – this was my favourite ! A little under the sea adventure with commentary explaining the different types of fish and water life as we passed through Atlantis city. Definitely a wonderful experience for any age!


We were both very disappointed to find out that the driving school was for ages 6-13 only! We didn’t think that was fair and we definitely wanted our Lego licenses! 😦 however, it was sweet watching all the children get excited about driving around the little Lego streets!

Mini land! It is absolutely incredible… All the tiny little statues, buildings, people all made from Lego! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken them. I really liked the Paris models, and the London section is fantastic and obviously much newer than some of the others. We also found these little critters having a bath! It was bitterly cold which made it so hard to take our time to properly appreciate the models, I did feel like I had missed out.


Thankfully, we scraped enough coins together for a hot chocolate each! My goodness did we need them and they were the best hot chocolate we’ve both ever had! Aside from Andy’s homemade options mint and marshmallows one! .

Our final destination was the Knights Kingdom – an awesome castle with a Dragon rollercoaster! My cousin had been telling me for days to make sure I go on it! It was a good laugh and no queues at all! Our picture was again a funny one :’)


We finished our trip by scanning the Pirates land and heading back to the shop, having one last look at the various Lego souvenirs and models.


We stopped at my favourite Fleet services for a yummy McDonalds –of course I had to check in on Facebook and tag my sister!– and then carried on home, where a comfy sofa and warm blanket awaited me for a lovely nap before heading to work for the night.


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