Nothing to show.

I didn’t feel much like getting out of bed today, but a lovely friend of mine has come back to Bournemouth for a week from Australia and I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to see her again! I spent far too long in the shower, turning the cold tap down every few seconds to make sure I was absolutely boiling when I finally got out.

I plodded down to town, although when I say plodded I actually made it in 25 minutes, which never happens for me. I usually stroll along, texting someone, looking at my surroundings..

We went to… yup, you guessed it… the Slug & Lettuce for 50% off Monday meals! Nicole announced that she was having a Rekordelig for lunch and for some reason, I did the same. It was completely necessary but I thoroughly enjoyed it nevertheless. Want to know what I thought of my lunch? Why don’t you head on over to my food blog Bournemouth Bites and find out?!

I had a fair amount of little jobs to do today, but not too many of them got done. I wandered around the shops, trying to find something pretty to take on holiday – a little dress or some funky shorts – but nothing took my fancy. I saw plenty of cutesy sun dresses in New Look, but I can’t justify paying £25 for something I know isn’t going to be good quality, so I left them all on their rails.

I was desperate to find an iphone case.. these nonsense plastic ones off of ebay are absolutely atrocious! They crack, they don’t fit properly or they just look shabby.. that’s ebay for you, ey? I begrudge paying £20-30-40 for one as well! Primark and H&M’s little cases didn’t interest me, they were fairly boring.

Primark, Primark, Primark…
Moustache bedding, pillows, fluffy throws! How on earth I didn’t buy them all I don’t know.. I have such an obsession with moustache things at the moment.. I might just have to buy myself the jewellery from River Island or Accessorize! Far too adorable. I did however, treat myself to a little moustache make up bag! All I need now is a phone case.

Zara, had the most wonderful clothes. Little vest tops with beads, skinny tees with French scrolled across them, and of course their tiny shorts with various rips, patches and patterns. What did I find? A moustache t-shirt for £9.99! It is adooooorable! I love it already :’)

20130325-223803.jpg 20130325-223819.jpg

I finally headed home, whilst stopping off in Card Factory quickly to buy Andy a card, some balloons and what-not and as I was paying my eyes drifted across the goodies placed along the front of the till when I spotted a cute, floral iphone case. £1.99! I couldn’t believe my luck, it was perfect! It is perfect! It’s all smooth and it clicks over my phone so easily… Happy girl!

I’ve wrapped up Andy’s present ready for tomorrow, I’m proud of myself, I think it looks good. He probably won’t bat an eyelid but I’ve gone out of my way anyway. Guys, lads, gentlemen ; would you be happy if your present was wrapped up like this?


Anyway, I seemed to have spent an awful lot of money today and all I have to show you for it is 3 tiny presents.. I will try and start posting better pictures soon.. Goodnight all xo

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