A Baking Catastrophe…

Okay so, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday next Saturday and I wanted to try and make some really cool cupcakes. After scanning the internet for an hour or so I found loads of really fantastic cakes, cupcakes, designs and just general ideas on how to make a boy-style cake, mainly Call of Duty. An XBOX game for those of you that don’t know.

I decided to do a mini-trial just to see how they may or may not turn out.

I cracked one egg into 100g of self-raising flour,

  • a spoonful of butter,
  • 50g of sugar,
  • a few drops of vanilla essence
  • a few drops of red and green food colouring
  • a few drops of milk& whisked it all together..

Poured the mixture into two greased cupcake moulds and left in the oven at 220oC for 15 minutes.. well, they turned out okay.. just okay.

You could see the effect the green and red colouring had, a pretty cool swirly effect..


Bear in mind I have no proffessional baking tools
No nozzles, bags, treats or tricks..

I used Bretty Crocker’s icing, as I have it open in the fridge from the last set of cupcakes.. so I added some red and green food colouring to that as well, and it came out quite nicely.. I scooped it into a little plastic food bag and snipped a tiny hole in the end.. and swirled it out onto of the cakes.. and it worked!


I went into the other room to pick up my phone, and to my shock when I had come back… this had happened…


I obviously hadn’t let the cupcakes cool down enough before added the icing.. I had to laugh though, what a silly mistake! Silly girl!

However, I carried on by digging out a little hole for the toy soldier, and covered the cake with chocolate sprinkles.. then iced happy birthday onto the other cupcake..


I would like to point out that I am not impressed with these cakes, but I’m glad I did the trial.. Although if I follow a proper recipe I’m sure they will turn out fine.. It just goes to show that chucking a random amount of things together does not work!


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