Times passes and nothing changes…

Yesterday, I took the coach up to London to see my best friend.

My day started with a beautiful sunrise, followed by clear blue skies!
I haven’t seen her for seven years, and we’ve been friends for eleven.
That’s half of my life, it’s insane!

She is a truly amazing lady. I love her to bits.
She’s funny, clever, beautiful and so kind hearted
She’s so inspirational..

It was fantastic.. we walked passed Buckingham Palace and caught a glimpse of the changing of the guards..
crazy amount of tourists pushing and shoving everyone all over the place! Then we walked through a big park, can’t remember the name for the life of me!, through Trafalgar Square and into China Town!

We were starving after the all the walking we’d done so far, (such strength!) and we stopped off in a very small, quiet little Slug and Lettuce! I had a Goan Vegetable Curry..
it was delicious! Not too spicy and very filling! We talked for ages, just sat and reminisced everything!

Where it started to rain and snow like crazy.. and we decided to go into a little Chinese shop full of all things Asian! Such good memories of ShiLin nightmarket in Taipei.

We took a heap of silly pictures in the photobooths! Unfortunately we didn’t use the funky machine as it was Β£12! Far too expensive for a silly photobooth. The pictures we did take were fantastic. Absolutely hilarious and such a good laugh taking them.. I’ve included my favourite one just below…

Then we wandered through the streets trying to find some street-stall snacks – red bean custard sandwiches and nutella dough balls! YUUUUUMMMMYYYYY!! We headed back to Victoria via M&M world
– what a laugh that was! We took some great pictures as well..

Time just flew by, I never thought 8 hours would pass so quickly! and the walk back to Victoria Station was great.. a lovely sunset and some wonderful sights!

It was a lovely day and it didn’t seem as if seven years had passed without seeing each other.. A true friend. ❀

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