Daily Prompts

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

The next week? No work for me then, at all.
Firstly, I would open a bottle of wine, lie down on the sofa and … breathe.

I’d enjoy my afternoon and evening doing nothing and follow that up by definitely having a blissful sleep. I would wake up bright and early tomorrow morning, drive down to the bank and deposit all of that money.
£1,500 to pay off my overdraft, £5,000 to my parents..

That leaves me a little to play with.
With the week off, I would clean this flat top to bottom, every corner of it.
I’d re-arrange my room, make sure it was spotless.

Without a doubt I’d spend £100 or so in Tesco/Sainsburys on some decent food, and cook something new and different every night.. You see the trouble is at the moment is I can’t afford to buy all these different ingredients for cakes and dinners that I’m dying to try.. and Lidl isn’t exactly star quality..

I deserve a break!  Which means booking a last minute holiday to somewhere sunny, just for remaining 4 days of my week off.. It wouldn’t cost much at this time of the year. I would do nothing but sit on a deckchair, read a few of my University books, sip ice cold drinks and dip in and out of a clear-blue pool.

I’d make sure my best friend had a wonderful birthday present for next week.

I’d treat my cousin to something nice, after all, he has bought me countless concert tickets, driven me there and back, sends me the best birthday and Christmas cards and I never do enough to show how much I truly appreciate it all.

Last but not least, I would buy my boyfriend these gaming headphones he’s been dying to get his hands on for months. Silly, in my opinion, but half of the things I want a pretty silly too. If there’s any spare, it would be put aside for his birthday at the end of the month.

Is this a boring way to spend my money? Is it sensible? I don’t see much of it going on myself to be honest, but that’s not my style when it comes to money. Share, share & share some more.

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