Happy Snaps.

I love photography. I love it. I’ve always got one of many cameras on me and I always have my iPhone 3GS (wow, check me out) as well! If you know me, you’ll have sussed out that I take pictures of anything and everything throughout the day. My breakfast, my hair, my work, my dinner, the sky, an animal..

but every now and again I will have the camera on for a good 10 or 15 minutes and snap everything in my path. For no real reason, I’m feeling happy, inspired, hoping the camera might catch something that my eyes have missed.

This morning went a little like that. The skies were clear and it was lovely and warm in comparison to the last couple of months we’ve had here.. so I just snapped away…

I loved seeing blossom trees.. everyone seemed to have ridden their bike to University instead of hopping on the bus..  the sunset was great, although the best bit is hidden by the vast amount of trees surrounding my building…

I also wanted to snap the tiny red bows someone had placed all over uni.. on the big Sully we have in the media building, on the exit signs.. I wanted to snap someone’s messy hair extension on the side of the road (it made me giggle).. and I wanted to catch the postbox, and a beautifully blue-y coloured magpie on the fence. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to stop on a street full of students and look like a total weirdo.

Happy Tuesday!

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