I’m beginning to wonder if anyone else feels the same way I do about travelling…

I am bored, I feel a constant need to be seeing new towns, cities, countries.
Experience new cultures and get a taste of new languages.

It’s certainly easy to download apps on the iPad and teach yourself new words and phrases in various languages, but then you never get to use them and you only end up feeling a little more useless than you did in the beginning?

The endless amount of hours I spend on travel websites, pinterest travel, browsing through news sites and finding out what fascinating new things people are experiencing every day, whilst I’m sat here in my flat, scraping the 2p pot to buy my lunch, spending hours applying for jobs, ringing every place I can think of, and trying to get my University work out of the way.

Does anyone else feel this constant need to travel and experience new things?
I know it all starts close to home, but I want bigger adventures.

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